London, Ontario, Canada

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On 15 May, 2010 we will be holding our second annual gogreengodutchgobike bicycle ride through the city of London.  The ride will begin at the Carillon in Victoria Park and end at the Dutch Canadian Society Hall.

  Sixty-five years ago, The Netherlands was liberated mostly by Canadians.  The people of the Netherlands vowed never to forget.  On May 15 and 16, 2010 the Dutch Canadian citizens of Canada will again say thank you to their Canadian liberators.  We, of Southwestern Ontario, will thank our Canadian brothers and sisters by holding a memorial celebration at the cenotaph and carillon in Victoria Park in London, Ontario.  We call upon the Dutch Canadian Community and the Community at large to join in the celebration and recognition of our Canadian Liberators.  For more information about the 65th anniversary click on the link above.  For more specific information about GoGreenGoDutchGoBike click here on on the GoGreenGoDutchGoBike.


Enjoy the pictures of last year's event below.  Should you wish to view a larger photo just click on any of the thumbnails.  This year's event was linked to the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands.  To see films of the 2010 event please go to the 65th Anniversary page on this site.

The Decorating contest

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Registration inside the Dutch Canadian Society Hall

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The Start

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In Route

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The Finish

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At The Dutch Canadian Society Hall

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Bike Presentation To The Boys and Girls Club  12 June, 2009

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